So if you remember, I decided to become a doctor at 31 years old. But this decision comes with important life changes, which I did not expect. I can assure you these life changes slap me in the face every day. For example, I needed some experience with patients and I ended up being an “apprentice” in the surgical clinic of my teenage crush (whose name is Lucas).

Here I am, walking into the clinic on my third day. I come every Saturday to assist Dr Keegan. So far, I haven’t met up with Lucas; he usually doesn’t operate on Saturdays. But this morning, change is in the air. As soon as I step in, my eyes travel across the reception room, I suddenly freeze when I meet his face.

Oh no!

He is comfortably chatting with Rebecca, one the receptionists, offering her a charming smile, until he notices me. We stare at each other for a whole full and very long second and he nods.

Should I go and say hi and can I just skip the small talk and look for Dr Keegan?

What would people think of me?

  • What my parents would say

“Olivia, go and say hi. Be a nice girl.” My mother raised me to be a woman with manners and by that she meant that politeness is above all, even if I despise the man.  The truth is I don’t despise him, I just prefer to avoid him. I know my parents would be very disappointed by this breach of the social code.


  • What my friends would say

“Forget about him and move on. Just say hi to prove him he has no power over you.” Lewa, my good friend, would say.

“Don’t be childish and just say hi. You don’t have to force the conversation.” Christina would say.

For different reasons, I know both would advise me to go and salute Lucas.


  • What would Lucas say to my brother

“David, is your sister OK? Because I saw her in the clinic… and she was kind of rude to me.” Lucas would say to my brother. And shortly after my brother would call me, reminding me that Lucas is a good friend and this is a great opportunity for me to learn the job. So why can’t I be nice to him? He would remind me I always do that. It‘s a pattern basically.


  • What would Rebecca say to others in the clinic

Who cares what people think after all?

I have nothing to say to him and I’m fine with it.

So I walk passed him, and nod back… with a smile (I’m not completely lacking social skills) and go looking for Dr Keegan. But there is no Dr Keegan in sight.

Instead, Lucas shouted: “Olivia, can I talk to you?”

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  1. I began to follow you because I too have decided to seek out an advanced professional degree post 30! Law School. I am really enjoying your blog and look forward to reading the earlier chapters and more.

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