So if you remember I decided to become a doctor at 31 years. Decision that comes with many consequences, but I know I will get over them… eventually.

However, there is one piece of news I cannot get over:


Jessica is my role model, I want to be the Jessica Pearson of medicine, I want to be Jessica Pearson when I grow up… even more.

So as soon as I finished watching the summer finale, I called the only person I knew would understand this tragic loss: my best friend Lewa. She called herself the Jessica Pearson of hedge funds, even though she does not run her own hedge funds… yet. But like Jessica, Lewa is the only black woman fund manager in her company, besides being the youngest.

“Did you watch Suits’ last episode?” she shouted.

“I’m crying my eyes out” I sobbed.

Olivia's watching Suits summer finale

You may not understand, Jessica is to me, what this guy from One Direction was to many teenagers (from what I heard). The difference being, she is a responsible, beautiful grown up. Don’t get me wrong I know she is a fictional character… but what a character.

  1. Unapologetically stylish

Besides from being, tall, slender, and gracious, her style equaled no one in the show, not even Harvey. Strutting the corridor of her firm, on top of Louboutin’s pieces of art, she couldn’t be mistaken, she was the boss. Jessica was obviously wearing multiple luxurious brands, but I read she has a thing or two for…..

“Have you ever bought a cloth from Jil Sander like Jessica” I surveyed Lewa. Her purchasing power was much higher than mine.

“Yes, I got one or two skirts in my closet.” She revealed. “Jessica is a woman of great taste”

  1. Unapologetically married to her job

For a long time, Jessica had one real husband: her firm. Sometimes ungrateful and childish, but she was loyal… until the summer finale, when she dropped the ball because she was tired of being seen as a “heartless and power hungry bitch.”

No Jessica! You were an entrepreneur.

“The writers changed her story” Lewa complained.

“People should be allowed to change their minds, and that’s what she did, she changed her mind and finally divorced her beloved firm.” I responded.

  1. Unapologetically Black

One of her best attributes by far! She just stood out! She didn’t hide it but she didn’t make her case either. She was herself, not trying to play a role. I really wondered who her mentor was when she started at her firm, because he or she did a hell of a job, nurturing her potential.

“So who would you vote for? Jessica Pearson or Olivia Pope?” I popped to Lewa, who kissed her teeth at me.

“No hesitation, Jessica Pearson. She didn’t need to scream.”

  1. Unapologetically powerful

She was like: “I’m über smart, so what?” I always admire that quality in her.

One of my favourite quotes from Jessica:

When it’s all said and done I’ll be the last one standing holding a big, fat check in my hand…


Well said Jess!

She was rich, richer than Harvey. How much was her net worth do you reckon? In the millions, easy.

  1. Unapologetically articulate

In these days of texting and slang, what a wonderful change to listen to a woman, who can speak fluently an English that is correct. Despite her common use of words like “goddamn it” “shit” “crap”, we forgave her; Harvey and Louis were so disobedient, she frankly had no choice than to strengthen her language.


So ode to Jessica Pearson, I will miss you dearly. You deserved your own spin-off show. It would have been very interesting to discover the details of your ascension from Harvard to a named partner position in one of the top law firms in NYC.

Ode to Gina Torres as well, you are a fantastic actress.

Jessica Pearson's last quote

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