So if you remember, I decided to become a doctor a couple of months ago, even though I am already 31, have a four-year old daughter. This decision is turning my world upside down. And recently, I changed from Status “It’s complicated”; to Status “divorcee. I am having a sleep over with my friends from uni Lewa and Christina to help with my emotional storm.

I realised that none of you knows Lewa and Christina, so let me officially introduce them.

Lewa Mobo, the Rich and Fearless
13 years ago…

We met during the induction day at the London School of Economics. She sat next to me in the lecture room and said “cool, another black girl. Thank God, I won’t be alone.” Unfazed by my puzzling gaze, she took her phone out and continued “put your number down, we’ll need to have each other’s back.”

“I don’t even know your name.” I protested in a quiet tone. To be fair her confidence prevented me from saying no.

“I’m Lewa.” She laughed. I warmed up to her smile, her eyes threatened me. I immediately put my number down.


Lewa: best friend rich and fearless

Lewa works as a portfolio manager in a well-regarded hedge fund in Mayfair. She earns a LOT of money (as I said rich and fearless) and she has been dating Thomas, a 25-year-old solicitor, for a year.

“He proposed… again!” She complains during our sleep over. Once they finished fighting over my divorce, Lewa drops the bomb.

“What’s wrong with him? He loves you so much… I don’t even understand why.” Christina adds, rolling her eyes. Lewa ignores the disapproval and continues her rant.

“I just want to focus on my career. I wouldn’t mind staying unmarried for the rest of my life.”

“unmarried? Come on Lewa, you can’t be serious.” Even I, am surprised by her willingness to stay single.

“Why is it so shocking to you?”

“Isn’t it what a priest does? Dedicating his life to his job and vowing to eternal celibacy?”

“Are you comparing yourself to a priest? A priest dedicates his life to help people.”

“I do help people, I make sure they will get a decent pension for retirement.”

She can’t be serious.

But in fact, she is. “How do you expect people to retire without a pension? How do you expect them to look after their grandchildren without a pension? My work is to make sure these people will end up with something. It’s a shame we (money managers) are not recognised for the good we bring to the population.”

Unfortunately for Thomas, he represents a distraction from her goal of bringing world peace through managing people’s money. Lewa is damn good at her job and she will not bear any obstacle between her and her ambition to become the very best.

She wants to remain rich and fearless.

Best friend rich and fearless - vertical pin

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72 thoughts on “Meet My Best Friend: Rich and Fearless”

  1. I can understand her wanting to stay single… I am completely anti marriage and totally happy being single. I don’t think anyone should be shocked someone chooses to be blissfully single.

  2. Rich and fearless is something I ill never be!! I have and most probably always will be a little bit timid – Maybe I could be Rich, if I win the lottery, that I haven’t ruled out!!

  3. Rich and fearless sounds like fun. I’d love to have even one of those qualities (if rich is a quality?!). You’re lucky to have such a feisty friend!

  4. I completely admire her dedication, why shouldn’t she work hard for what she wants. It’s the complete opposite to what I want from life, my family is my world but that only means we’re doing what’s right for us not what’s right for other people x

  5. Who doesn’t like the sound of rich and fearless?? Right? haha I found this interesting because it brings up the discussion about balance and “having it all”. Of course, “all” means something different for everyone, as is how much each person can/will sacrifice to have it “all”. I, personally, could not give up marriage and family for my career, but for some people it works. It’s just very interesting to me how different people are 🙂

  6. ah – the joy of true friends, and relationships that last! She sounds like she is, at this point, focused on her goals. Everyone is different, and even ourselves change over time. Congrats on deciding on a new career – and that takes lots of courage. Good luck in your pursuit of what is important to you.

  7. your friend sounds like an amazing woman to have in your life. It’s good she knows what she wants in life. (also congrats on going back to school and doing something awesome)

  8. Sounds like she’s a woman who knows what she wants. I have a few friends who are career driven like this as well. Personally, I could never choose a career over a family, but everyone is different.

  9. That’s the good thing about feminism, isn’t it? You can choose what kind of woman you want to be: rich and fearless is ok, married with children is also ok. I delayed my marriage for many years because I felt I had things to do for myself first, now I’m starting a family, and that is ok too, to each their own!

  10. Congrats on becoming a doctor! I admire your ambition. And I love the relationship you describe with your girlfriends. Sounds like a great support. I think it’s smart of Lewa to wait until she’s ready. Marriage takes work, and if she doesn’t have the capacity right now, it’s wise to wait.

  11. I wish I was rich and fearless! .. She may change her stance if she meets the right person. Sometimes you just know.

  12. It is so admirable to have such focus and perseverance. I think some people try to juggle their big, personal goals with a relationship and it often results in the partner not getting enough attention.

  13. It sounds like you and your friends are very successful. Lewa should definitely take her time to get married. Marriage is amazing because I’m married to my best friend but I know a lot of people that married the wrong person.

  14. I am curious how she sees herself as helping the world through doing things with Hedge funds. I suppose that is one way to make money, but not usually the route of people who are really in need of money. That’s cool she knows what she wants though and has a focus about it.

  15. I really admire you because you have found your truth friend, Lewa. Also, I love the words “Rich and fearless”, which I am trying to achieve in my life.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  16. wow! rich and fearless! such an incredible combination! I think people always think, that people who chose to remain single just haven’t met “the one” but I honestly believe that there people who are just content with their career and lifestyle.

  17. It’s inspiring to hear about someone so focused and driven. She knows what she wants and by the sound of it she won’t stop until she gets it!

  18. I’ve been married and I can say that I will be happy if I never marry again. If the right guy comes along, maybe but until then (which the cynic in means believes will be never) I am perfectly happy being single. In fact, I prefer it that way. No one to bother me when I want to be left alone. So I get where your friend is coming from. She has her goals and she doesn’t want anyone getting in her way. She knows what she wants and she goes after it. Good for her:)

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