So if you remember, I decided to become a doctor a couple of months ago, even though I am already 31, have a four-year-old daughter. This decision is turning my world upside down. And recently, I changed from Status: It’s complicated to Status: divorcee. I am having a sleep over with my best friends from uni Lewa and Christina to help me with my emotional storm.

In the last post, I introduced Lewa, now let me tell you about Christina.

My best friend Christina

“Thomas is so adorable and he is 25. Lewa doesn’t deserve him. If he had known me 10 years ago…” Christina smirks leaving her sentence unfinished. Thomas is Lewa’s YOUNGER boyfriend and Christina never hesitates to remind Lewa that she treats him like crap.

“10 years ago, Thomas was 15, would you have dated him back then?” I ask raising an eyebrow.

“Who knows?” She laughs.

Don’t worry, she is joking. She just wants to remind us and most of all herself that 10 years ago, Christina was THE BOMB.


“I’m pregnant,” Christina dropped.


We were at our usual coffee place next to the LSE building, chatting and wasting time between lectures. At uni, I had a group of five girlfriends (Christina and Lewa included). We used to call ourselves the “the Fab Five”. We were young, smart, ambitious and beautiful (I’d like to think so). So imagine our reactions when Christina announced her pregnancy.

“Are you keeping the baby? You’re only 21.” Lewa asked.

“Of course! Marc and I are thrilled,” she said.

“Really? You met him six months ago.” I added.

“I got everything planned. This is our finale year anyway. I’ll give birth after exams, stay with the baby a couple of months and then I’ll look for an analyst job.” Christina explained.

“You’ll miss the deadline for the graduate programme.” Erin (another member of the Fab Five) remarked.

“I’ll just differ by one year maximum…” She saw our concerns “…you’re not very supportive.”

“Why would I support you if it sounds like a mistake.” Lewa declared. Lewa can be brutally honest.

“Is that what you all think?” She asked eye tearing. The rest of the girls and I rushed to reassure her

“You’ll make this work, Chris.”


Christina’s pregnancy happened to be very tiring. She passed her finals, but missed the graduation ceremony as she gave birth to Harry, her first son. Lewa and I went to New York for our first jobs, while the other two gang members moved to Hong King. Christina found herself alone in London. Motherhood is already complicated enough, so imagine the situation when you’re 21 and your close friends post pictures of their lavish lifestyle on Facebook.

She decided that after all staying at home and educate her child was a great and valid option.

18 thoughts on “Meet Christina Taylor: my Other Best Friend”

  1. I am glad that she realized at the end that there is nothing wrong with being a stay at home mum. At the end of the day everything happens for a reason and she has a child whom I am sure she loves x

  2. Being a parent often takes selfless decisions and it’s great that Christina decided that staying at home on concentrating on her baby was the right decision for her. It must have been so hard though when her friends were sprouting their wings and leaving her behind. Good luck with pursuing your medical career – you are not old at all, and you will have more life experience which will undoubtedly help!

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